The second life of Mother Teresa


Saint… or Sinner?

The Canadian Research Authority has learned that famed conservative Christian, Mother Teresa, led a double life while ministering to the poor in India. Born Agnesa Gonxha Bojaxhiu August 27, 1910, the celebrated conservative Christian was an Albanian Roman Catholic nun who founded the Missionaries of Charity in India. Her work among the poverty-stricken of Kolkata (Calcutta) made her one of the world’s most famous conservative Christians.

However it has been learned that the conservative Christian Nun also sold her body on weekends when she went by the name “Kitty” during the 1930’s.

Here we see an “apparent” picture of Mother Teresa at her burlesque, getting ready for another night of sinful deeds.

“Kitty” Teresa preparing for another night at the Burlesque de Esquire

Whether or not that these allegations on Mother Teresa are true, we can know for sure that the $1 bills shoved down her wrinkly breasts would have been sent to a good place.


Mother Teresa has refused to comment at this present moment on these allegations of prostitution.

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59 thoughts on “The second life of Mother Teresa

  1. Mukundan Menon

    It is said that every sinner has a future, and every saint had a past.But Mother Theresa’s activity in India was certainly mixing religion with charity. She triumphantly denied too being a ‘social worker’ insisting that she was doing religious work. Even that is okay because Indian Constitution permitted “propagation” of faith, but that right was bestowed upon Indian, not foreigners who come and register as “social workers” and charitable people, who pick up diseased and dying from the pavements to baptise them first, provide them some food, and certainly no treatment,in order to “harvest their souls” whatever that means! Her contribution to the world is just one facility for the”sick and poor” in Kolkatta, and that provided all the donations to establish 500 convents outside India alone! That was in normal parlance, cheating. The profane marriage between tawdry media hype (Malcolm Muggeridge work!) and medieval superstition Christopher Hitchens talked about was absolutely realistic description of the life and work of Mother Theresa. If she could work a miracle cure one one Bengali woman, why was the miracle limited that Individual, but not to those in her Nirmal Hridaya facility, is inexplicably stupid and crazy!

    1. Vijay

      Mr menon i come accross your words as that of an ignorant person, check your facts and if you still have doubts go in search of the truth. Its easy for you to make comments especially when you are hallucinating such thoughts.

  2. N.P.NAIR

    You are right Mr. Menon.All these christian Charity is a camouflage for conversion.Poor and uneducated Hindus are easy victims.Whatever may her fame she was a great converter.Examine the record to find out this fact.But if anyone say the truth especially a Hindu he will be taken to task!!What a wonderful “Hindustan” ?


    This is all in a poor Taste. When Gods could sin who are mortals not to. Even if she were a sinner can one not, as a prudent human, be permitted to reform n excel? Digging out such stories when the individual is not around us to defend herself is atrocious. Just because Valmiki was a dacoit earlier would he lose the sanctity to pen down the great epic Ramayan?

    1. satya

      @KVLN Sharma, but the question here is did anyone deny Valmiki past? Isn’t it taught to us all that Valmiki transformed from a fowler to a sage?

      So is it wrong asking Teresa to testify her past?

      1. Crusoe Post author

        Hello I’m the author of the piece, I am surprised at the amount of attention this story has gained in such a short time. I am wondering what lead you to the article?

      2. Vijay

        how many converts you see in the name of Mother Teresa, dont join just because you have to , get your facts right.

      3. satya

        @Crusoe, yesterday there was a Hindu charitable organization leader said “Mother Teresa’s service has a motive although she did a great service to the poor. And the motive is to convert people into christian faith. Lets not do such kind of service as it devaues the service. As a service should be selfless, without expecting anything in return”.

        The xstian missionaries and organizations made a huge uproar over his comments claiming it is an insult to Teresa. Also some of the political parties joined the chorus. Also the debate got trended on twitter. and someone shared your article. So, thats how a sudden flood of comments to your old post.

        Thats all the story.. 🙂

      4. Nagaraja G

        Mr. @Crusoe – A leader in India made a statement to the effect that “We respect Mother Theresa for all her charitable work. It would have been more respectable if there was no motive of conversion behind this charitable work”.

        A huge section of Indian media were up in arms against this statement condemning the leader as a communal fanatic and so on. A section of Indian media is holding that Mother Theresa is beyond all criticism and scrutiny and nobody should talk anything against her. So, a lot of debating, internet research is going on right now and I was led to your post from another post.

      5. Cliffhanger

        Mr.Nagaraja G, all you people ever do is attack the christian community by accusing them of conversion. Ask yourself this, Why do they convert? Because Hinduism has the caste system, in which you demean your own people and deprive them of their dignity and self respect. By giving certain jobs to a certain caste of people. You used to Pour molten lead into the ears of the lower caste just because they heard some of your sacred enchantments. Now when the Christians entered India, they had no caste system, everyone is equal in the eyes of the Lord, they brought education and hence forth a better life to India. Now if you were a lower caste person, would you want to clean sewers and sweep the streets for rest of your life or would you want to receive education and have a dignified life. If it weren’t for the Christians, who knows we would probably have Bride Burning still in practice. Even if Mother Teresa had an agenda of conversion, it was all possible because of cruelty shown to each other by the Hindus themselves. And the main thing about Christianity is showing compassion to one another, which resulted in Charity work. You are so narrow minded that you are blinded from the good things that you have received. Mother Teresa might have had a sinful life, but the important thing is that she redeemed herself from the sinful past. It is really pathetic to see how you all want to spoil the image of a person Pure in Heart. And it is really funny to see that you cant find any other fault in Christianity other than “forceful conversion”. This shows the hateful nature that is embedded in you.

      6. Nagaraja G

        @Cliffhanger: The biggest problem with your approach is that

        (1) Assuming that conversion to christianity solves all problems for others. This is a myth. Take sexual violence for instance – Christian countries have the highest rates of rapes per capita. Mexicans, philipinos and some Africans gave up their native religion and embraced Chirstianity. What did they get in return? Compounded problems !!

        (2) Using imagination to portray problems in other religions. In the best case, small problems are taken up, blown entirely out of proportion and used to paint an entire civilization in a poor light.
        How many cases do you know of molten lead being poured into ears? Even Ambedkar, champion of Dalits has reported only one incident. So, a sweeping generalization of once incident is foolish to say the least.
        You seem to have been brainwashed by what is called atrocity literature prepared by the west. Please read Rajiv Malhotra’s work to understand how these problems are imagined and documented (“Breaking India”).

        (3) Painting a very rosy picture of Christianity which is not convincing even as a fantasy. Christians have erased civilizations altogether through genocide!! Where are the Red Indians today? Where are the native civilizations of America, Mexico, Latin America, Australia? There are a few just as a show piece museum item. What about orphans created by illicit relationship between Christian pastors and nuns? What about race-based churches (Black church, Korean church, Indian church) that exists in the US? Is everyone really equal in church.
        Every one is equal in the eyes of god, but not in the eyes of other human beings. And this is equally true about Christians and Christian organizations also. You don’t even believe that people of other religions are human beings. You believe that however good a person is, however devout a person is, he will still rot in eternal hell if he is not a Christian!! What a sick mentality this is!!

        So, in spite of so many shocking problems in Christianity, you are still believing that Christianity is good. I pity your naivette.

        Read Vedanta, educate yourself and start Visiting an Ashram. Your life will be much more meaningful and useful.

    2. R C Reddy

      Yes,Valmiki was a decoit,who reformed himself,to the level of scripting the great epic Ramayana.
      His history reveals it through his story we read,which inspires us from generations to generations,
      which is a fact&we feel proud of his Personality.
      We also admire Mother Teresa for rendering her services to the destitute al through a long walk
      of her life,provided there is no hidden agenda,other than the charity.

      1. Surender

        if talking about atrocity and conversion talk about caste atrocity , no religion no scripture in the world mention any kind of discrimination and atrocity , all scripture teaches equality and humanity , but books / scriptures written by brahmins teach , propagate discrimination atrocity

  4. Raghavendra Satyan

    Dr KVLN Sharma….Valmiki pen down the great epic Ramayan but he din’t convert his tribal people to Hinduism (of course that time religion was not there). Here in Mother Teresa case she converted people to Christianity. She could have helped poor and refrained her self instead of converting them.

  5. alamelu

    Sharma, I agree with you that one can have a shady past and then reform to become a better person. But your poor rationale and examples are a bitter taste. You should not have used Valmiki and epic Ramayana as an example. The life of Valmiki before he became a saint is not a discovery. That was his confession in the epic Ramayana. So with that said, wouldn’t it be better if you did your homework before you say something atrocious like this???

  6. Surender

    Mother Teresa helped and served the poor people of India ,.. Poor Mean .. Lower Caste , tribals of this Country … may be she woukd have used conversion one of the tool to get respect for these lower caste and Tribals ……………….any

    Question Is what SO called Hindu / Brahmins does do with these people ??? these Brahmins / Hindu People Beat them ,
    Forced them to live in misery
    Brahmins dont allow to enter these people in temple and thier Home
    Brahmins Humiliate these Lower Caste
    these lower caste and Tribals cant live with dignity and Respect

    more then 100 thousands case are every year comes of atrocity against these Lower Caste and Tribals

    even Government of India Devised the policy which supress these people

    Hindu scripture / Books Written by brahmins confirm the atrocity and discrimination against these people …

    no one except Brahmins are hindu ,, Lower Caste and tribals are not Hindu .. Brahmins are invaders in India , they need to leave this country

    1. Venkat

      Surender. Did some Brahmin give you a ice kick on your ball. Yes many the majority of Brahmins abroad are Brahmins and live a better life than you. Thanks to you Christian converts.

      1. Ashley Lionell

        Many of the majority of Brahmins abroad are Brahmins? Did you try to say something else and screwed yourself up? Are you a Brahmin and wish to enforce your caste superiority over others? Do remember, your so called “abroad” is three fourths comprised of Christians. To them, your Brahmins would be an inferior race. Born a Brahmin or brought up so isn’t much of a virtue Mr. Venkat.

      2. Srinivas

        Looks like somebody did give this idiot an ice kick
        Take your moth eaten arguments about caste and religion somewhere else you imbecile

  7. Bhupendra Bari

    It’s really astonishing!!
    How a woman having colorful past like this can b called mother??
    Her all deeds done in india were not only for uplifting the poors n downtrodden but for spreading Christianity.

    1. Cliffhanger

      Mr. Bari, its not the past that matters, its who you are now, that matters. The reason for the conversion was possible because of people like you, who don’t give an individual a chance to redeem themselves, always looking into the past. Christianity offers a chance of forgiveness and redemption. The people who converted were smart enough to know where the true Kindness lies. And it was certainly not in India, before the Christians came here…

  8. neeraj

    परिवर्तन व्यक्ति के जीवन की स्वभाविक प्रक्रिया है, टरेसा हो कालिदास तुलसी हो या बाल्मीक सभी समान्य हो या महान व्यक्ति इससे गुजरता है.

    1. bharat

      aapa sahi bol rahe hai lekin unka itihas kyu chupaye ja raha hai valmiki ka itihas hum nahi chupaya kalidas ka nahi chupaya in ka to maman hai ye to shuru se hai great hai

      1. Surender

        History of Mother Taresa dosnt mean she was a culprit in india or was committing any crime

        why dont you people talking about caste atrocity by brahmihn ?? even today lot of cases of atrocity brahmins are terrorist and are inveders they must leave the country

  9. Prem Mishra

    Well speaking truth is never disgraceful. Great Valmiki would have accepted with grace about his past and we don’t have have any shame to accept that. The problem is with Mother Teresa’s followers they are ignorant.I myself being admirer of Mother( of her charity works sans conversion) I don’t find anything wrong what Mr. Bhagwat says about her..truth will remain truth whether Great Valmiki was a dacoit or Mother was a missionary to convert people to Christianity we like it or not.

  10. Lineesh

    The poor were here,
    the leprosied were here,
    the orphans were here,
    but there was no fight for the chance to wash their wounds.
    the RSS and radicals busy with their hatred activities as they do now.
    IT easy to criticize.. keep doing that..

    1. satya

      Every year her organization used to receive a minimum of $100 million. you know how much is it? 500 crores rupees. and the total donations to RSS till date would not be even half of that. and u know the kind of dilapidated condition the orphans or the sick live in her homes?

      and what sort of service you are talking about? Denying pain killers to the sick saying suffering makes them getting the love of jesus and the world will benefit from it. Such is the psychopathic views she had derived from her so called “faith”.

      what hatred you are talking about? Did RSS ever evangelize people of any faith? It is the abrahamic religions which believe in one God and attempt to convert people from other faith.

    2. Bablu shaw

      Really! The rest of the world was/is full of rich peoples, fit and fine peoples who were never sick(immortal). And for that reason you western peoples came here to trade with us against our poorness and sickness. Either you must be illiterate or insane. For buyers are always in better position than sellers(in terms of investment). My dear friend INDIA has always been the land of wealth,fortune and courtesy, which you intruders have always looted… You peoples who disciminate between the colour of skin(God gifted), talk about racial discrimination… Bullshit!!!!!!

      1. Srinivas

        Those who speak of Christian benevolence should read about the cruelty of Portuguese missionaries, who would peel limbs and skin of children in front of their parents to get them to agree for conversion!
        Don’t go by my words, look it up yourself. Please, don’t try to resolve the “caste problem” of India all by yourselves, you poor things! Indians will take care
        of it themselves. They are smart. You guys should instead focus on stopping your clergy from sodomizing young boys.

  11. Aditya Agniveer

    umexceptable but may be true. #kitty teresa is working as Christian Non, not as a social worker, who is lnterestd in transform religion to poor people.

  12. Abhishek

    let me give you an analogy as I see many Indians let me use Cricket.

    Chris Gayle played for RCB and now has a great fan following in Bangalore Inida
    Children watching his game want to join cricket now. Is it Chris Gayle s fault ??

    Now the kids have started playing cricket and are enjoying playing cricket as opposed to other sports . should the supporters of other sports ridicule Gayle for playing well ??

    Forget that .. imagine 20 years down the line you pick on Gayle and his past and say because of this man our children stopped studying and playing other sports and just follow the west Indian.

    My dear friends each of you commenting here wouldn’t have even done 1/10000th of the service to humanity that this great lady did.

    I know many of them envy her because the radicals like RSS couldn’t even create even quarter the impact with thousands of so called sevaks.

    I pity to see where India is trending with these topics that are of no positive help.

    Mother Theresa was a great gift to humanity
    First stop spreading these false posts without evidences
    Next do something more superior before you critisise

    1. Nagaraja G

      What do you know about the Seva of RSS? Hindus believe that when you do charity you should follow a principle of secrecy because fame can boost your ego and damage the personality. We say that even the left hand should not know when the right hand is giving. Just browse any natural calamity and RSS was there to help the victims irrespective of their religion. And they didn’t convert them later.

      Your example of cricket is not correct. Change it to a hypothetical situation as follows – By playing great cricket, Gayle earned a large fan following. And then he used this fanfare to change the citizenship of all his fans to West Indies citizenship. If this is what Chris Gayle had done, then it would have been unacceptable.

      In Theresa’s case, she did great service and nobody is denying it. And because of this service, if lot of people started following her and took to serving the needy irrespective of religion, then your Chris Gayle example holds true. But that is not the case here; the people who liked her work became Christians whose further mission was to convert other people.

      She herself has claimed that evangelism is her top priority and service is only a means to evangelism (Interview to Navin Chawla; Ref Book on Theresa by Navin Chawla available on

      The service that she has done is still respectable and we respect her for that. It is just that a highest, un questioned respect is what we could have given if she didn’t convert the served. Now that she converted them, the respect diminishes, but will not go away.

      1. shetty

        she didn’t even do great service though.. she deposited her millions of dollars of funding into bank accounts, because her clinics that reused needles without even sterilizing them sure as hell didn’t reflect on the amount of donations she received.

      2. N.P.NAIR

        U are right Sir. Lot of discussions on conversion.Conversion is to uplift humans in the new religion! Right?Then what happens ?Are they uplifted really? Conversionists say it is to nullify caste system.Ok in practice what is happening.When lowest cast convert to christianity will they allowed to share a church ? Will they allowed to marry an original X-ian ? So there also this untouchability continues.When they demand their original caste based reservations what does it indicate ? Their status is not changed even after conversion!!Then why conversion ?Simply to increase X-ian population.Why to increase only to capture power.Semetic religions are always after power.My sincere advise is to increase population with the instrument only which God gave us..Don’t poke into other religions.First mend own religion to perfection,then think of others.

  13. Nagendra Nayak

    Dirty Idiots are condemning Hindu’s etc
    you never know that the government takes huge taxes for social justice.
    It is the duty of the government to serve the poorest of the poor and not make worthless
    rascals as doctors & engineers, go on blaming Hindu’s after living on their doles and living in this nation.why blame RSS? you don’t have even a trace of culture. The money wasted on getting votes from these poor, wasting money on making doctors, engineers etc do you know the amount of that money? Do you know the percentage of Brahmins in India. Don’t talk non sense. It has become fashionable to blame upper caste, not knowing the basics. What is upper caste? only 10% + 2% were doing menial job and they were deemed untouchables. Rest are not lower caste. Just because 3% brahmins feel superior, you feel oppressed and go on crying the victim speak, only so far as Hindu’s exist. You better know that the sword & then gun came and destroyed indian culture. The Brahmin by birth has to maintain a higher tradition by birth to remain brahmin. Any one can become a brahmin by one of the yoga’s…Bhaktiyoga, karma yoga, jnana yoga, raja yoga. The level of thoughts in Hinduism look much ahead of its times. Only 10+2% are oppressed. Do you think that kshatriya, the warrior,ruler or vaishya, business man, wealthy feel inferior to Brahmin? It is Idiocy. Or just because they behave like that, I should develop hatred and contempt for golden truths exposed in Hindu treatises? USA is a democracy and the church people opposed yoga and the court did away with it. Why? only converts like you are playing victim and want to live by eating the flesh of others? This nation has to gone to dogs killing meritocracy. That is the act of saitan. First thing they do is rape women and beget third rate human, kill men who never fight and kill children, who are the future. Stop this victim cry and try to get true knowledge. Please know that Islam could not rule china & India. It is because of Hinduism and Budhism. Islam has played havoc with many countries and now their goal is Pan Islamism. At a higher level, people know that christianity and Hinduism are parallel and not opposites. Low level people only are indulging in conversion. I am not afraid of christianity. It is not fanatical. It is democracy. Jesus becomes Eshwar, paramatma etc. Recently I saw one black man claiming in christianity, therefore all are Gods, not slaves as in Islam. What I want you know is even if I become a christian, they would accept evolution. They are interested only in that label. Most of them appreciate truth & love peace. Please stop being a slave & victim. Because I doubt you are more Islamic than a christian. Stop all this conversion, ban religion in government, we are just human beings, rich or poor. The social justice should reach the poorest …. then what is the need of Theresa. Politicians are biting the hands that feeds. It is as good as ISIS.

  14. Saji

    Few of the above said, Mother Theresa is converting poor Hindus by giving food. Yes…she gave food; by mixing love and consolation with the food without any hesitation. Poor / hungry Hindus (Anybody in any religion) need food to survive….definitely not the picture of Lord Ganesh or Lord Shiva (Any Lord) and mere chanting.

  15. Vivek

    To those Critics of Teresa… If you can feed, and help the poor, if you can do even just a quarter of what she did, you can argue. If not, STFU and just be grateful that she atleast helped.

  16. vinu

    Who is sister Nirmala? Whether she is a converted HIndu? Who converted her? If the aim of sisters of charity is charity only, what was the need for conversion?

  17. BOB



    Judging people is not in our hands its in “GODS HANDS”. He is the one and only to judge humanity becoze he knows every bodies stories right from “ADAM to the END MAN”.

  19. justus fernandes

    y u people didn’t ask or post these when she was alive .can u assholes do serve in leprosy hospitals for 1 week any Hindu leader or a bhat can do reply me

  20. Vima

    Irrespective of anything of her personal life. She has done the best to others and people recognize her to be a good human being. There is no question of anything irrespective of her any past. I just don’t care of her past. She was good – she is good – she will remain good and forever in our heart.


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