Enter the Infinity House.

Chris Scrob

You have the key, so why not use it?

People are always looking for answers. They are always wanting to find the truth and create riches. People are always in search of the Infinity House, wherein lies that which will navigate us forward. I say they are looking in the wrong places.

In fact, they are always at its doorstep, yet chose to not enter it. This seemingly pre-programmed notion that we must look externally for answers is the very leash we put on ourselves. Much like Sixto Rodriguez, we want to urgently find the sugar man, “the answer that makes all [our] questions disappear.” We want to find meaning in our existence,  discover our purpose and we want a ‘how to’.

But as I have come to realise, the only time in life you are ever truly ‘right‘ or ‘wrong’ is on an exam paper. Life does not have a chief examiner…

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